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About Us...     

Wandsworth Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Support Group (WSCTSG) is based in Wandsworth, London, and supports people with Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia, their family and carers.

We established ourselves in 1992 to support people with Sickle Cell Disorder and Thalassaemia related disorders, their carers and dependants within the Borough of Wandsworth. Support is greatly needed by everyone and especially those living with a long-term health condition.

Our objectives are to:

  • Promote and facilitate the relief of persons suffering from Sickle Cell Disorder, Thalassaemia and related disorders, their carers and dependants, who are in conditions of need, hardship and distress

  • Educate and advance the knowledge of the public with regards to Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia blood disorder

  • Provide services and programmes to promote the social welfare, provide recreational and other leisure facilities, with the aim to improve the condition of life of those living with and affected by Sickle Cell Disorder and Thalassaemia who are receiving treatment in the Borough of Wandsworth.

    We have been successful over the years and worked with Battersea Church Housing Trust (BCHT), Riverhaven, and now Viridian Housing Association for the provision of housing for our members.

WSCTSG current activities and services include:

i) Educate

By raising the awareness of the condition and related disorders through advocacy and the provision of advice and information. This includes group discussions, training programmes, support group meetings, information sheets as well as working in collaboration with voluntary groups and the local authority.

ii) Provide Services and Programmes

By promoting an individual’s Social Welfare through social care and support. It aims to help improve those living with the condition by providing re-creational, leisure and other activities. This includes participating in workshop training sessions based on particular issues such as health, nutrition and exercise, the discussion within formal and informal group support meetings, referral to Counselling through contacts and network schemes and further referrals for housing provision through extended networks of housing providers.

iii) Promote and Facilitate

By providing advice and information which directly aids the relief of individuals living with and those affected by the condition. For example collating and using available information to accommodate both the physical and
physiological effects of the disorder. In other words the information gained helps promote the persons
well-being through his/ her own self management.

iv) Community and Partnership Working

Partnership with the Primary Care Trust (PCT), hospitals, schools, housing providers, other voluntary organisations, local authority etc

- Newsletters and leaflets
- Lobbying
- Public displays
- Raising awareness of service users and carers
- Seminars with key speakers

WSCTSG are currently working to develop social outings and fundraising events

- Discussions and Debates
- Outings and other social activities

History of WSCTSG. A brief look through the years...

Wandsworth Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Support Group is founded.

The Group was formed in 1992 by Mrs Bernice Thomas whose child had been diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anaemia.

She had no prior knowledge of the condition and set out to learn as much as she could and impart what she
knew to others about Sickle Cell and the closely
related condition of Thalassaemia.



Les Ferdinand, QPR, supports Wandsworth Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Support Group.

Les Ferdinand present a cheque to the Wandsworth Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Support Group, with money collected and donated by Volkswagon, Battersea.


Jumble Sale held at Broomwood Church, Battersea, with Geoff Sanders who was then the treasurer for WSCTSG.

A cheque for £400 donated by Unison from St George’s Hospital.  Unison held a African and Caribbean Night at the Drs’ mess. 

Mrs Thomas receives a surprise gift of £800 donated by a Brixton trader



The Office at Broadwater Road, supported by
Viridian Housing Association.



Celebration of 10 years anniversary dance at Lombard Road, York Gardens

Christmas gifts, delivered to children at St George's Hospital


Barbecue, and social networking event at 15 Broadwater Road. 

AGM meeting, chaired by Mr Samuel Oke
Day Trip to Eastbourne

Trustees are necessary to ensure the overall smooth running of any business, organisation or group. Trustees come from all walks of life, bringing different skills to the organisation. All people are essential in the strategic planning and running of an organisation. WSCTSG meet throughout the year for Trustees Meetings. Trustees are required to attend to help plan and review our work.

To become a Trustee at WSCTSG please contact us.

Our Trustees list is being updated. Currently the trustees include:

Mrs Bernice Thomas
Kemi Thomas
Osei Anthony

Cecilia Ezeakor
Stephanie Sulaiman
Jacqueline Christie

Leo Ofori



Please feel free to contact us for more information.